Club de Sport Chamonix

Benjamin CHAMOUX

Presentation : 
Benjamin Chamoux is a Chamoniard practicing Alpine skiing. With very good results, his career is only evolving positively and it is full of ambitions that it attacks every new season.

Saison 2021 : 

- Championnats de France de verticale race : 16ème

- Championnats de France d'individuel : 15ème

- Championnats de France de sprint : 8ème

- Coupe du monde de sprint à Flaine : 17ème

Saison 2019 : 

Chpt France individuel: 16ème.

Blessure ensuite ! Results ski mountaineering - season 2017 (Benjamin Chamoux)




- Mont Blanc ski challenge: 1st hope; 3rd scratch

- French Vertical Championships: 6th Hope; 21st scratch

- Millet ski touring (21/12/2016): 2nd hope; 4th scratch

- Millet ski touring (28/12/2016): 1st scratch


January :

- Swiss Sprint Championships: 2nd hope; 9th scratch

- Relais des Chamois: 3rd scratch with Eddy Bouvet

- French Indivision Championships: 5th Hope; 13th scratch

- French sprint championships: 1st hope; 7th scratch

- Crève coeur Combloux: 1st hope; 2nd scratch

- World Cup Indiv Cambre d'Aze: 13th Hope; 42nd scratch

- World Cup sprint Cambre d'Aze: 4th Hop 19th Scratch



- Great Trace: 3rd hope; 3rd scratch

- Assault of Haut Fleury: 1st hope; 5th scratch

- Sprint World Championships: 6th Hope; 17th scratch


March :

- Pierra Menta: 26th scratch with Yann Pollet-Villard

- French club championships: 1st scratch with Valentine Fabre and Baptiste Ellmenreich

- World Cup indiv Prato Nevoso: 9th Hope; 33rd scratch

- Sprint World Cup Prato Nevoso: 3rd hope; 13th scratch


April :

- French team championships: 3rd place; 5th Scratch with Florian Sautel

- Super Trophy of the Muveran: 1st scratch with Bastien Hug

- Mezzalama: 63rd scratch with Bastien Hug and Yann Pollet-Villard



- 4th hope; 12th National FFME Scratch

- 3rd overall hope of the sprint world cup

- 9th overall overall World Cup standings