In 1905 Doctor Payot created the Alpine Sports Club. In 1943 with the arrival of new disciplines, especially involving summer sports, the Chamonix Omnisport Club is created by Michel Nicolau the director of the tourist office, who managed both entities with his personnel.


In 1967, due in part to the large sports movement, along with Chamonix mayor Maurice Herzog’s request, there was a first re-organization of the clubs driven by René Bozon who became president of the club.
The Sports Club was re-grouped into 7 sports sections and the first position was created, that of the secretary.


In 1972 a director’s position held by Roger Jacquet was created and the vice-director was Ernest Juan. He would later be replaced by Bernard Bozon in 1979.


In 1982 the club was taken to another level when the Town Hall created the ‘Pistes and Sentiers’, or Trail Maintenance division employing 7 new staff members. The director position was given to Dominique André, the new director of the Sports Club.
The mission of this division was to help in the setting-up of sporting events, maintain the cross-country ski trails in the winter and the hiking trails in the summer.

The 1990’s

The 1990’s were years of professionalization. To meet the rising demand of the club’s activities an accountant, technical assistant, communications and sponsor manager were hired to strengthen the team. 
In 1997 Julien Patty became director for the team of permanent employees and Jean Claude Pillot Burnet became President of the Sports Club.

The 2000's

In February 2002 the Trails Maintenance division integrates into Chamonix’s municipal services. The Sports Club now has an independent team for event maintenance. Under the direction of Jacques Caplan, technical maintenance manager, three new staff members are recruited.

Following Julien Patty’s departure in 2004, Fabien Saguez is named the new Sports Club director. The Sports Club is restructured in 2004/2005. Fabien Saguez is assisted by two co-directors. Fred Comte is head of administration for the 26 different sport sections and Nathalie Balmat is in charge of communication and partnerships along with Magalie Pernollet. An account manager is hired to reinforce the accounting team. Laurence Crozet and Monique Couttet share a full-time secretary/receptionist position.

On 24 and 25 September 2005 Chamonix Sports Club celebrates its 100 years.
An evening tribute to the champions who have made the history of the club from 1905 to 2005 and held a parade in the streets of Chamonix.

In the spring of 2006, following the departure of Fabien Saguez and the retirement of Jacques Caplan, the club takes a new turn. Fred Comte now directs the Sports Club.

In December 2007, Chamonix Sports Club moved at the Maison des Sports.

The 2010's

December 2013 Luc Verrier was elected president of the Sports Club, Jean-Claude PILLOT BURNET wishing to pass the torch after 16 years as president of the club.


After Luc Verrier, Alain Richier, former President of the Climbing section, who became president of the Chamonix Sports Club.