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The mountain biking section of the Chamonix Sports Club is open to children from 5 years old. The disciplines offered are Cross country (XC), trial, downhill (DH) and enduro for older children (subject to having the required technical level).
Pre club (2017/2016/2015) 1 training session per week, Saturday morning (1h30) 160 euros for the year (license included)
Competition groups, the price is progressive according to the age of the child. 2 training sessions per week (2 hours exept groups1.2 and * 1h30) on Wednesday and Saturday afternoon. Prices include license FFC
Catégories 2022/2023 : 
2007/2008 : cadet 250€
2009/2010 : minime 250€
2011/2012 : benjamin240€
2013/2014 : pupille 220€
2015/2016 : poussin 200€
Enduro groups: from Minime. Trainings take place on Sunday  (3h) 250 euros for the year (license included)
The trainings take place from September to the Toussaint holidays, they resume after the Easter holidays until the summer holidays. In summer, courses are organized for competition groups, these courses are paying.