27 April 2018

End of carreer for Guillermo Fayed

I started skiing when I was 2 years old,competing at 8.At 20 I did my first World Cup race.Now,at 32 years old I’ve decided to start a new chapter of my life.I want to thank all the coaches that helped me along the way,the skimen that worked in the shadow to made me shine,all the medical staff that always put me back on track and the physical coaches that fought with me for my -never reached- 6 pack.Thanks to my sponsors and their support because they let me live my passion during all these years.Thanks to my family, friends and the fan club to always have been there.I want to say goodbye to all the athletes/friends that shared with me this journey.Thanks to all my team,we trained,we raced,we smiled and we cried together.I will miss you!I’ve probably forgot someone, if so, I’m sorry and thank you.Now you can find me next to the sea,in my beloved Spain,working in the family business. 
My dear Kaillou, I miss you so much💫❤️ #dpforever

Guillermo Fayed retire with a big career:

  • 18ème place de la descente de Beaver Creek (USA) en décembre 2017
  • 14ème place en descente à St Morritz (SUI) en 2017.
  • 10ème à Val Gardena / Groeden en 2016;
  • 4ème à Chamonix en 2016;
  • 10ème à Jeongseon (Kor) en 2016;
  • 9ème à Santa Caterina (Ita) en 2015;
  • 2ème à Val Gardena / Groeden en 2015;
  • 3ème à Beaver Creek (USA) en 2015;
  • 4ème en Fis world cup à Lake Louise (Can) en 2015;
  • 3ème du classement général de la coupe du monde de descente 2015;
  • 2ème de la descente de coupe du monde à Lake Louise saison 2014/2015;
  • 3ème de la descente de coupe du monde à Kitzbühel (AUT) saison 2014/2015;

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